Aurora Borealis – Nature’s spectacular light show!

Aurora Borealis

I had wanted to witness the Aurora Borealis for the longest time that I remember. There is something so mystical and magical about those lights that speak to me in a spiritual way. Every time I saw them in photos I felt awed and overwhelmed and could not wait to experience that magic in real life.

In February we finally decided to head to Fairbanks to see if we were lucky to witness them. The aurora forecast at geophysical institute showed us some good activity, so we were very hopeful. We landed in Fairbanks and boy was it freezing! It was COLD!!

That night we left for Chandalar Ranch, feeling hopeful and enthusiastic, and we were not disappointed. To begin with, we saw the pale Auroras fleetingly along the horizon with the first of the evening stars. But a couple of hours later, the main show started with brilliant green sheets of light, leaving us stunned!

Aurora Borealis

Pic taken from Chandalar Ranch

However the best show we witnessed was a couple of nights later, as we were making our way to Chena Hot Springs. Before we could even reach the springs, we could see emerald and magenta hued curtains swaying in the sky. And before we knew it, the sky was ablaze with a dancing vortex of brilliant colors that left us truly star-struck (Or aurora-struck if you will!)

Aurora Borealis

On our way to Chena Hot Springs

Aurora Borealis

Never in my life, had I experienced such raw natural beauty. The sheer brilliance of the moment made the freezing cold in Fairbanks worth braving! If experiencing the aurora borealis is in your bucket list, just go for it.

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