5 memories and life-lessons I will always treasure from our Himalaya trek

Himalaya Trek

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” -Sir Hillary

Last June we decided to take a leap of faith and made a plan to trek the Himalayas. I have to admit that hiking this trek has been one of the most difficult yet one of the most poignant experiences of my life. Treacherous mountains and ravines that test your courage.. Endless beauty that soothes and inspires.. Freezing temperatures that chill you to the bone.. Gorgeous sunrises that warm your soul.. All in all, an absolutely unforgettable trip! Here are a few memories and life lessons from our Himalaya trek.

1. Tuned in for the nature show morning, evening and night.
The beauty of the landscape, with the icy peaked mountains framed in the background, standing so tall was a sight to behold. It was prime time show every day, as the sun rose, bathing the mountains in a golden glow, and as the sun dipped, covering them in a russet blanket. The views were simply breath taking! It just reminded me once again that there is so much beauty in this world to be experienced.

Himalaya Trek


2. Solitude can be a good thing.
While I enjoy quiet places, the remoteness of our trek meant A LOT of solitude. I was not so gung-ho about being just a couple of us for an entire week. And predictably, after the first 2 days of our trek, the only person we encountered was a sheep herder. However my experience during the trek was a game changer. I slowly started enjoying the magic of solitude and peace it brought.

Himalaya trek

Himalaya trek

3. Learned to enjoy simple things in life.
Climbing a mountain is the furthest thing from easy. After a grueling 6-7 hours of climb with high altitudes and the elements, lying down on the ground to eat some cheese and soup made me so very happy. It felt like it was the tastiest food I ever ate. Never appreciated soup and cheese so much!

Himalaya trek


4. I am just a small spec in the big scheme of things.
Mountains have a way to make you feel so small and insignificant. And the Himalayas just simply dwarf you. During the trek, while surrounded by towering mountains, life slowed down for me. All my problems seemed so distant and so utterly irrelevant. I felt very unimportant in the big scheme of things and  for a change, I was Ok with that 😉Himalaya trek


5. The sense of accomplishment.
Our trek consisted of many steep ups and downs, and going down was as demanding as going up. Sometimes we had to walk over moraines, wade through freezing rivers and cross ice bridges. After 7 days of this grueling walk, withering biting cold and having no shower (there I said it ;-)) I was ready for it to be over. As we took our final few steps, I could finally acknowledge that I had done it! I had achieved my goal! Oh what a feeling!Himalaya trek

Wading through a freezing river

Himalaya trek


We would love hike the Himalayas again. Maybe do the Annapurna circuit or the Chadar trek the next time. We would love to hear about your experience…

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