Why we are hopelessly in love with the US Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands, St. Croix

“Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.” – Anonymous

While there are so many beautiful places to be experienced and explored in this world, one of our all time favorites is spending time on gorgeous, quiet beaches with warm waters. There is something so therapeutic about feeling the ocean and the sand under your bare toes. It simply washes your worries and cares away. The US Virgin Island beaches offer all that, and in spades. They are exactly what you see in the travel magazines – white-sand beaches with turquoise-blue, crystal-clear waters that simply beckon you. We fell hopelessly in love with the Virgin Islands. Here are 4 reasons why…

1. Picturesque white beaches with glittering waters

Who does not love white sandy beaches with warm, silky, tranquil waters?  Each island has many beautiful beaches to choose from. Our favorite was Trunk bay in St. John and Magens bay in St. Thomas.

St croix-6

Trunk Bay, St. John
St croix-11

2. Countless adventures that fire you up

If You’re The Sporty Or Adventurous Type, You Can’t Possibly Be Bored!

We scuba dived at Cane bay. Saw a black tipped shark, stingrays, turtles and countless other tropical fishes!

We snorkeled at many beaches. There were numerous beaches where we simply walked into the water and started snorkeling right off the shore. My son just loved that!

We kayaked to a secluded island. We rented a kayak from our hotel and kayaked across the ocean to an isolated island. It was just us on the small island, which was an amazing feeling!

St John-6 Loved the feeling of being the only ones on the island

3. National parks with dramatic views

We are nature lovers and the Virgin Islands did not disappoint. The Virgin Islands have a dozens of national parks, preserves, and refuges. There are six national parks throughout the three islands, like the Buck Island Reef National Monument located in St. Croix and the Virgin Islands National Park on St. John

Our favorite was Trunk bay in St. John’s (I am sure, by now you can tell that we really loved Trunk bay ☺), which sports a white sand beach and an underwater snorkeling trail. It was fun to follow the trail and see a lot of sea life.

We also enjoyed seeing sunrise from Point Udall – the easternmost point in the United States. This is the first place American soil sees sunrise!

St croix-4

St. Croix

US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, St. John

Watching the sun set over Trunk bay

US Virgin Islands, St. Croix

Sunrise at Point Udall

4. Walk through pirate history and stock up on rum

It was fun to waddle through a bit of pirate history in St. Thomas. We climbed up the 99 Steps that lead to Blackbeard’s Castle, which is one of the five national historic landmarks on the Islands. Originally built in 1679, Blackbeard used the tower as a lookout point.

And you know what was even more fun than visiting Blackbeard’s castle? Stocking up on the rum! A trip to St. Croix would not be complete without a tour of the distillery where this local Cruzan rum is made. The tour ended with a tasting of their famous cocktails!

St croix-8


We would definitely visit the Virgin Islands again. What’s your favorite place?

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